Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Italian Inspiration: artist and sculpture Lorenzo Cascio

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday celebrations. When I was in Portofino, Italy this fall I wandered into the gallery owned by the local artist Lorenzo Cascio. I recognized his work, but I could not remember where I had seen it. Over Christmas I stayed at my father and stepmother's brand new house and when I took my things to the guest room, I noticed two Lorsenzo Cascio paintings above the bedside tables - mystery solved! When my sister was studying abroad in college, my stepmother visited her and they met Lorenzo Cascio during their visit to Portofino. 

When I entered his gallery, his brutalist looking bronze sculptures and his large paintings of horses immediately caught my eye. As I roamed in his gallery I stopped in my tracks when I came across his paintings and sketches of lovers embracing each other tenderly. 

There was a series of three lithographs that I was especially drawn to and I decided to purchase two of them. One would be a birthday present to my significant other to hang in his condo in Chicago and the other would be for me to keep in my apartment in New York. The pieces would act as reminders of one another when we are not together. The third piece in the series depicts two lovers and a baby. I decided it might be a bit premature to invest in the third piece, so "La Famiglia" will just have to be a reason to return to Portofino on down the road. 

Innamorati a Portofino



La Famiglia

Racconti d'amore

Storie d'amore

Festa andalusa

Statue a Portofino


Images of all of Lorenzo Cascio's work can be found on his website. To view, click here.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Low Brow...

I gasped this morning when I opened this morning's AM New York newspaper to find out that Courtney Love has destroyed my favorite townhouse in Greenwich Village. She is currently renting the $27,000 a month apartment and has fallen behind on her rent, spawning the owners to take legal action against her and threaten eviction.

What upsets me is her failed attempt to re-design the gorgeous and immaculately designed interiors of the townhouse that was previously owned and designed by famed interior designer Steven Gambrel. Adding fuel to the fire of my rage is the fact that her reckless lifestyle caused an actual fire in the townhouse that further damaged the original drapery and wallpaper. This to me is like purposefully throwing a rock and cracking Michaelangelo's sculpture of David and then accidentally dropping a lighted cigarette in the museum and setting it ablaze. Steven Gambrel is an artist and his former townhouse has always been his iconic masterpiece.

Shame on you Courtney Love!
image from

Friday, December 9, 2011

Googly eyes for Garza

My love of geodes and malachite always makes me swoon for Eduardo Garza's yummy boxes and decorative objects. I am currently specifying some of his geode knobs for a client.

He's pieces are a pretty penny and I have yet to fork over the cash and buy one for myself at Bergdorf's, but today he is on Gilt must take a gander at his pieces!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I still have not seen the new Twilight movie because I just can't seem to beg hard enough to get my friends to see it with me. I think I'm going to have to suck it up and finally go see a movie alone...gasp! 

Here are some rich blue rooms that remind me of the color of the sky at the twilight hour....

Eric Cohler

 T. Keller Donovan

T. Keller Donovan

Elaine Griffin

Iain Halliday

Steven Learner

Friday, December 2, 2011

Craving Caramel

I just finished off an entire bag of drizzled caramel and cream popcorn that was a gift from a fabric vendor and I am on a super caramel high!

Boqueria Restaurant by Meyer Davis Studio

Apartment Therapy

Ace Hotel by Roman and Williams

Yipee it is the weekend! Make sure you treat yourself to something yummy

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tis the Season of Giving

As you may have noticed by my multiple gift giving guides, I am a lover of giving gifts. The holiday season is the perfect excuse for me to do what I love - shop, and do so for the people I love. I get a rush from the excitement of finding the perfect gift that you just know the receiver will appreciate. Whether it is a wedding gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, or Christmas gift, I enjoy shopping around and taking time to think of the most creative gift possible to give each recipient.  At the end of the day it is never about the price tag, but about the gift representing your appreciation of having the person in your life.

Because I pride myself on giving thoughtful gifts, I get super excited when I receive a gift and it is obvious the person saw the gift and immediately thought of me. It is unquestionably a rewarding feeling for both the giver and the receiver.

A few weeks ago my former employer, fellow interior designer, and good friend Elizabeth Bauer sent me a text out of the blue that she had bought me a gift. It was not my birthday, nor Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other gift giving holiday so I was even more surprised and excited....a gift for no reason, yipee!

While antique shopping, she came across an antique brass William and Mary trivet, and seeing as I have the same initials, she bought it for me. What an incredibly thoughtful act and gift!

I love it for many reasons....

  1. The thoughtful gesture it represents
  2. It is my initials, thus unique to me
  3. It is antique
  4. It is brass (which I am obsessed with these days)
  5. It doubles as a decorative object on my counter top
  6. When guests see it on my countertop, they will assume that (a.) I cook and (b.)I am probably a serious chef to own a monogramed trivet (*which I am not!)

Thank you again Liz for such a special gift. I will cherish it forever! ;)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All for home and home for all...A Shopping guide for the home

a.     Vintage Marble Games;; $30 each
b.     Marble Desk Accessories;; $30 each
c.      Brass abstract woman;; 24”h x 5”w x 5”d; $400
d.     Kitchen Diagrams; Etsy; girlscantell; $4-$14
e.     Geode Pulls; Marjorie Skouras;
f.       Brass Bookends;; $400 each
g.     Colored Pencil Holder; Elizabeth Bauer Design; (212) 255-8625; $62
h.     Ceramic Farmer’s Market Baskets; Jason Home and Garden; $20-$38 each
i.       Steam Mop/Vacuum; Kohl’s; Shark 2-in-1 Vac Then Steam; $189.99
j.       Umbrella, Jean Paul Gaultier; $160
k.     Lucite Desk Trays; ; $150/set of 3
l.       Step Ladder, All Modern Outlet; by Karl Marmvall; $295
m.  Mercury Glass Accessories & Pendant; West Elm; $9-$99
n.    Metal Floating Easel, West Elm $49-$69
o.     Fleece Flounce Throw; Anthropologie; $798
p.     Antique Zanzibari Etched Brass Tray; Serena & Lily; $350.00
q.     Resin Table Top Pieces; Dinosaur Designs; $90-$420
r.      Throw Pillows; Roberta Roller Rabbit; $40-$76
s.      Blender/Juicer; Sur La Table; Vitamix; $599.95
t.       Luggage Rack;; $300
u.     Rugs; Urban Outfitters; Chevron Rugs; $39-$74
v.     Luggage; Steam Line Luggage; $28-$496
w.   Vintage Vanity Trays & Boxes;; $50 each

Maggie Waltemath Vibrance and Chaos

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A holiday shopping guide for the men in your life...

a. Socks, Boden ; $38
b. Shoelaces, Benjos ; $6
c. Nano, Apple, $129 + Watch, LunaTik, $139.95
d. Southwest gift card, Southwest Airlines,
e. Shirt, J.Crew; $59.50
f. To Do List, Where Is The Cool;
g. Boots, Bellstaff ;
h. iPad case, DODOcase for  J.Crew; $79.95
i. Sweater, Bonobos; $248
j. Tie Case, Pierrepont Hicks; $185
k. Backpack, inCase, $179.95
l. Coat, Billy Reid, Sunday Tweed Coat; $895
m. Sport Coat, Jack Spade, Murry Corduroy Sport Coat, $495
n. Waxed Jacket, Steven Alan ; Waxed Combat Jacket; $428
o. Chinos, Bonobos, Game Day Chinos; $88