Thursday, August 18, 2011

Installing Kelly Wearstler Ready-to-Wear at Bergdorf Goodman

Here are some of the pictures I snapped on my iPhone of the new Kelly Wearstler shop-in-shop at Bergdorf Goodman featuring her debut ready to wear collection for Fall 2011.

Taking a decent shot of the space was difficult considering the clothes were literally flying of the racks. ****So please excuse my poor "styling" of this photography as I was attempting to take pictures when there wasn't someone in the shot...which was almost impossible****

The shop-in-shop is located right as you get off the down escalator on the 5th floor. The ruched leather chairs can be purchased at BG on the 7th floor where her original home accessories shop-in-shop boutique is located.

the ruching Kelly does in her leather chair above is translated into the fashion collection as seen in this Pleated Clutch, as well as the closure which is a stone and brass toggle like the ones seen on her decorative boxes in her home collection. All of her clutches are personally signed by Kelly inside the clutch. What a sincere touch!

The Horizon Coat (left) is lined with the "Beauty Stroke Crepe de Chine". My favorite of the collection is  The Cadenza Dress in the Calligraphy Crepe de Chine print (back right mannequin), shown layered under the Friends Embroidery Sweatshirt in Dark Heather

The scarves are great for fall. A big seller for her male and female fans. How can you say no to a $215 price tag? Love it! Check out the throw pillows on the sofa made from the "Airbrush Squares Scarf" (again, excuse the fact that I didn't take the time to remove my bag from the shot)

Kelly loves to use cerused woods in her interior design projects. The wood grain motif is translated in the ready-to-wear collection with the "Margluery Crinkle" print which comes in a sheer black and ivory dress (above far left), ruffled mini skirt (not shown), and blouse (bottom left), as well as the Taupe and Coral "Marquetry" scarf.

Please note my wardrobe change from my original magenta purple shirt (reflection in mirrored case above) into the gorgeous Resort 2011 collection fuchsia top (below).

Note: I learned today that Fall 3, means the third shipment of the fall collection (or at least I think that is what it means.) The only reason I know when it is arriving is because I had a woman try to buy it off of me! Sorry, this one is not for sale!

Well it's been a long day and more left to do at Bergdorf Goodman tomorrow. If you are in the neighborhood, please come stop in and check it out.

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  1. Love your post! Just wondering, do you know who the original designer of the chairs from the 1950's was? Did you say they are for sale at BG? I LOVE them and would love to buy a few :)