Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lottery Lust List: Part 1 - Happy Birthday Dad!

We have all done it; dreamt about what we would buy if we won the lottery...I frequently brainstorm how I would spend my winnings with a dear friend of mine. His number one priority is showing gratitude for his father by "freeing his father from having to work anymore."

My father has been a constant support system for me from birth to my young adulthood, and one day I would like to be able to repay him for all he has done for me.

Seeing that my father's birthday is this month, I thought I would share with you all the things I would like to buy my father if I was suddenly "rolling in the benjamins".

1. The Muwi Lawn Mower - $TBD
 This state of the art lawnmower calculates the square footage of your yard using GPS technology. It then cuts your yard automatically to the desired grass height. Not only does it do all the work for you, it packs the grass trimmings inside itself and turns them into fun shapes, such as balls for children to play with or disks to sit on. Small, compact, minimal cleanup, and doubles as entertainment for the grandchildren! SOLD

So now that he has a new lawnmower that can cut your grass as cleanly as a golf course, I think he deserves a new lawn....better yet, a private 18 hole golf course...

2. Three Ponds Farm, Southampton, NY - $68,000,000.00
 One of the 12 most expensive homes for sale in America, the Three Ponds Farm is the only home with its very own golf course. Seeing that my father's greatest joy in life is playing golf, I think this piece of property was meant for him!

Additional Perk: the interiors are in need of a MAJOR update! You know who to call Dad ;)
...Instead of a movie theater, I propose you follow in William and Harry's footsteps and put your own "disco" in the house so you can invite all your friends over and dance the night away to your favorite "beach music".

Although my usual go to birthday and father's day present is usually a new golf shirt, golf balls, etc; I know he will always appreciate a new golf outfit...

3. Golf Attire and Gear - $46,274.50

a. Mercedes golf cart, $18,000.00 (approx.)
b. Hermes Golf Bag, $6,500.00
e. Maruman  Golf Clubs, $6,000.00/set
f. Asprey watch, $7,600.00

In between rounds on the golf course, I am sure my father will want to catch some wind in the thick head of hair that is envied by all of his peers. Thus, he will need a new ride, or two...

4. Vulcan Motorclub Membership - $42,000/year
Now you might be wondering why I wouldn't just buy him a bunch of cars? Well, another one of my dad's favorite things to do is research the latest and greatest cars. He is not the kind of guy that will buy a car and keep it for years, he gets bored of them in a year or so and then starts looking to sell them and buy another. So what better idea than to give him a membership to Vulcan Motorclub so he can drive the latest and greatest for however long his little heart desires.

His "toys" shouldn't be limited to land cruising vehicles, he must have a boat or two...

5. 1929 30' Hacker Craft "Runabout", $650,000.00 
Previously owned by Alan Jackson, Hand-built, American made, pure mahogany boat is without question a work of art. The Hacker Craft legacy began over a hundred years ago by naval architect John L. Hacker. Today the company is considered one of "America's Top 50" by Forbes Magazine.

After a relaxing day cruising in one of his ponds, the bay, or the ocean, I suspect he would want to do some entertaining...

6. A Gold Plated Grill - $50,000 - $150,000
After decades of treating and caring for the grills of his beloved dental patients and filling countless gold and porcelain fillings, I think it is only appropriate we put the left over gold to good use....Maybe he could even make this his own DIY project?

While I suspect that he'll be doing some entertaining in his new home, it's very likely he'll be found on the dance floor at several charity events and weddings. So I think he deserves some new black tie attire.

7. Black Tie Attire - $23,177.00
b. Tom Ford tuxedo, $7,000.00 (approx.)
c. Ralph Lauren watch, $15,000.00
d. Arm Revolution cufflinks (worn by Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio), $375.00
e. Chanel cologne, $57.00

After all the golf, entertaining, and dancing, a nice sofa to relax on while he watches more golf or iChat's with his grandchildren will be essential. There is one sofa that 99.9% of men love at first site...The Chesterfield...

7. Leather Chesterfield Sofa - $7,500.00

Grand Total: $68,918,951.50

Or a custom blog post......PRICELESS!

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

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