Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's a Jungle Out There!

When I was growing up, my stepfather Frank would always remind me before I left the house that "it's a jungle out there Maggie, be smart and use your best judgement." As a teenager and young adult I never took his corny saying too seriously, but I now realize how important trusting your instincts can be when you want to incorporate animal prints into your home or wardrobe. If you don't feel confident about selecting the right animal print, here are a few pointers to remember...

1. Don't go overboard....there is too much of a good thing!
2. Smaller scaled animal prints are a sure win

To learn more about the items above, view them on my "Jungle Fever" Olioboard here.

DVF via Architectural Digest
 Ashley Stark via Elle Decor
 James Aman via Elle Decor
Max Mutchnick & Erik Hyman via Elle Decor
 via Elle Decor
via Lonny Magazine
via Pinterest 
Via Pinterest

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