Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Band of Horses

Last night some friends and I went to both of the Band of Horses concerts, one an acoustical set, and the other an electronic performance. What a cool experience!

This morning a fabric representative dropped off some new Hermes fabrics, which only confirmed my new liking of all things equestrian!

Here are the Hermes fabrics and wallpapers as well as some great horse inspired art...

"On the Move" by Don Pedro Iceland's photostream
interior of Sid Marshburn shop
by Mar Silver Design
Artwork by Roberto Dutesco, "Sable Horses"

Below are some of my favorite things....

a. Golden twisted horse necklace, $783
b. Ponyhair wedge boots, $1,155
c. Ponyhair cuff, $128
d. Horsebit gold bracelet, $6,000
e. Riding boots, $161
f. Coat hook, $1,850
g. Andirons, $2,600
h. Brass horse lamps, $7,360
i. Cement horse head sculptures, $2,900
j. Porcelain horse head sculpture, contact for price
k. Saw horse table, $3,200
l. "Love Bite" photograph, contact for price
m. Horseshoe chandelier. $2,200
n. Hermes horse shoe coasters, contact for price
o. Blue horse & rider sculpture, $4,500
p. Rosewood saw horse campaign desk, contact for price
q. Equestrian silk fabric, contact for price
r. Horse woven fabric, contact for price
s. Black and white horse photography, $1,920
t. Black and white abstract horse, contact for price

Click on my olioboard to view where to purchase the items above. 

Still not satisfied? Well here is a video clip from last night....Your WELCOME!

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