Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trash or Treasure?

Goodbye to the Big Apple. You opened my eyes to a world I never knew. You made life more vibrant and exposed me to chaos that has made me a stronger designer, determined achiever, self-aware soul, and loyal lover and friend.

After I packed and shipped all of my stuff in boxes and suitcases, there were a few items I decided I would have to leave behind in NYC. Yesterday morning, I stuffed my bulky bedding (down duvet filler, pillows, sheet set, and tempur-pedic mattress pad) into one of those trusty blue Ikea bags and took it to the three young adults who have been sleeping under the scaffolding outside of my apartment building. I do not doubt that they will find love and appreciation for the bedding that gave me consistent warmth and comfort for the past 6 years in my 550sq.ft west village apartment.

Along with my bedding the one remaining item that would not fit in my three luggage bags was a lovely milk glass table lamp, which I gave to my dear friend Meredith who just moved back to NYC after a stint in DC. The lamp has given me light during the most exciting moments of being a New Yorker. Instead of becoming just another piece of trash in a landfill, Meredith sees its value and potential just as Lady Manhattan has seen in every wide-eyed student and professional that embarks on pursuing their dreams in the concrete jungle.

As the novelty of NYC has worn off for me, Meredith is hopeful, determined, and inspired since her return to the Big Apple. Seeing her once more in such a blissful state that I once knew, gives me hope for my next chapter in San Francisco. It gives me the hope that a change in scenery is just what the doctor ordered, both professionally and personally. New York showed me who I am and what I am made of and the immense capabilities I possess. For that I will unconditionally love The Big Apple

My resolution as I reflect on my past in NYC and embark on my future in San Francisco is to love unconditionally, by accepting the path others choose to take, wherever that may lead them, and loving myself unconditionally along with all the choices I make.

This week I have come to acknowledge the truth in the saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure," but I also believe this can only be true when its value and purpose is recognized, its past and future path are honored, and it is loved unconditionally regardless of the length of time it was treasured by all parties.

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  1. Maggie this made me cry!! So excited for your new journey, and know your path will be full of love and success :-)