Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Grand Love

I was named after my two amazing grandmothers: Mary Harriet Foley ("Mima Foley"), and Mina Margaret Waltemath ("Mima Waltemath") 

On this mother's day, I wanted to share a beautiful poem that "Mima Foley" wrote for me this Christmas. Mima has been writing poetry since before I can remember, and she and my sister Beth have always shared a great love for creative writing. 

Every time I read this poem it transports me back to my childhood and the countless days I would spend at Mima's house coloring, picking Queen Anne's lace from her garden and dying it with food coloring, finger painting, making banana pudding, playing marbles on her antique Oushak rug, and stroking her buttery soft arms as she would read to me on her yellow damask silk camel back sofa. 

I wish I could be in Nashville to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother, stepmother, and Mima Foley today. As do I wish I could be there to celebrate Mima's 90th birthday this year, but I am living my life and my dream far far away from them on the West Coast, so I am not able to travel to see these special women in my life as mush as I would like to. They have supported me every single day of my childhood, adolescent, and adulthood. They are all my biggest fans, as I am theirs. 

Happy Mother's Day, I love you!