Monday, September 26, 2011

I bleed for color!

On the weekends when I am not working on my interior design jobs, I like to whip out my watercolor set and paint all sorts of patterns. I am not the artist that my mother is so I do not venture into painting people, places, or specific things, but I love to try new techniques to make my patterns unique.

This weekend my creations were inspired by the gorgeous wallpapers of Porter Teleo. I love how Kelly Porter's brush strokes are so organic yet graphic at the same time. Here are some of my favorites of her work:

"Silk Scarf"



installations of "Tangled" 

"Ink Blot"

Installation of "Ink Blot"

Kelly Porter at work

Another cool wallpaper source is Black Crow Studios. Their wallpapers have a similar "bleeding of colors" affect that I am just loving! (I think some of these are computerized renderings, but I think they would look great in an actual space)

I haven't taken pictures of my patterns yet (as I am in need of a new professional grade camera in order to take great close ups), but here are some great examples of hand painted textiles by Leanne Shapton

HUM.... This entire post has now reminded me of a post I made a while back called "Support NASA" which featured really cool images of the Earth taken from NASA satellites. 

...What do you know, I even suggested the image below would make a cool wallpaper or textile...
Well, was I right or what?

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  1. We love this post (Me being my boss & me!) I knew about Porter Teleo from working at Kelly's office, but i never knew about Black Crow Studios! That wallpaper is to-die-for!!! Thanks Maggie :)