Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's official: my friends are procreating

As I waited by the phone to hear whether my dear friend Catherine gave birth to a boy or girl last night, I passed the time by designing both a boy's and girl's nursery in honor of the unborn child.

Architects typically start a design project with spatial planning, and in interior design school they tell you to start a design with a furniture layout, but I've never found that method to produce designs that I absolutely love. So, I always start with the last step first.....fabrics! 99.9% of the time a bold pattern is what catches my eye first and fuels my design

My starting point for this quick draw design for Catherine's nursery? A fun elephant print wallpaper by Jill Malek (available at Studio Four) perfect for the BAMA fan that Catherine is....

 My design for a baby boy....
(a)Jill Malek wallpaper (b)Marjorie Skouras lantern (c) Art, Eco Chic (d)Crib and Bedding, Serena and Lily (e)Mobile, Pinterest (f) Campaign Dresser, 1st Dibs (g)Doug and Gene Meyer custom rug (h)lamp, Ralph Lauren Home (i)Dog Pillow, Serena and Lily (j)Charles Hollis Jones Lucite Rocker, svppy

 After designing the entire room for a potential baby boy, I realized I made a major faux pas with my color and blue = Auburn colors. 

I then designed a nursery for a baby girl with a few minor changes and an entirely different color scheme...

(a)Jill Malek wallpaper (b)mobile, allmodern (c)bedding, Serena and Lily (d)customized dresser, Shine by Sho (e) "Louis" crib, David Netto Collection (f) photograph, Eric Cahan (g)Doug and Gene Meyer custom rug (h) stools, 1st Dibs (i) chair, Lost City Arts (j)Bookcase, Serena and Lily (k)Murano glass table lamp, 1st Dibs

I think my color scheme mishap must have been a sign, because Catherine gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Carolyn Elizabeth! Mother and daughter are doing well, and I cannot wait to meet the little angel the next time I am in Nashville.

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