Thursday, December 22, 2011

Low Brow...

I gasped this morning when I opened this morning's AM New York newspaper to find out that Courtney Love has destroyed my favorite townhouse in Greenwich Village. She is currently renting the $27,000 a month apartment and has fallen behind on her rent, spawning the owners to take legal action against her and threaten eviction.

What upsets me is her failed attempt to re-design the gorgeous and immaculately designed interiors of the townhouse that was previously owned and designed by famed interior designer Steven Gambrel. Adding fuel to the fire of my rage is the fact that her reckless lifestyle caused an actual fire in the townhouse that further damaged the original drapery and wallpaper. This to me is like purposefully throwing a rock and cracking Michaelangelo's sculpture of David and then accidentally dropping a lighted cigarette in the museum and setting it ablaze. Steven Gambrel is an artist and his former townhouse has always been his iconic masterpiece.

Shame on you Courtney Love!
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