Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Italian Inspiration: artist and sculpture Lorenzo Cascio

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday celebrations. When I was in Portofino, Italy this fall I wandered into the gallery owned by the local artist Lorenzo Cascio. I recognized his work, but I could not remember where I had seen it. Over Christmas I stayed at my father and stepmother's brand new house and when I took my things to the guest room, I noticed two Lorsenzo Cascio paintings above the bedside tables - mystery solved! When my sister was studying abroad in college, my stepmother visited her and they met Lorenzo Cascio during their visit to Portofino. 

When I entered his gallery, his brutalist looking bronze sculptures and his large paintings of horses immediately caught my eye. As I roamed in his gallery I stopped in my tracks when I came across his paintings and sketches of lovers embracing each other tenderly. 

There was a series of three lithographs that I was especially drawn to and I decided to purchase two of them. One would be a birthday present to my significant other to hang in his condo in Chicago and the other would be for me to keep in my apartment in New York. The pieces would act as reminders of one another when we are not together. The third piece in the series depicts two lovers and a baby. I decided it might be a bit premature to invest in the third piece, so "La Famiglia" will just have to be a reason to return to Portofino on down the road. 

Innamorati a Portofino



La Famiglia

Racconti d'amore

Storie d'amore

Festa andalusa

Statue a Portofino


Images of all of Lorenzo Cascio's work can be found on his website. To view, click here.

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  1. Maggie,
    Any idea what his paintings and lithos sell for?
    I have sent emails to his gallery, but no response back...
    betsy dorminy
    atlanta, ga