Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The importance of flowers

Whether you are a clueless valentine or you just need a little help when it comes to ordering the perfect floral arrangement...
Do yourself a favor and take notes....

2. Be pro-active...Do some research. Find a florist you love. When you are at an event and like the flower arrangements, ask who designed them. Pinterest is a great site that among other things, has a category for weddings and events, where you can scroll through images of floral arrangments and search by color or type.
3. Be confident....the next time you order flowers, mention to the florist the type of flower you (or your valentine) likes. Peonies are one of my favorite, but not always in season. Ask the florist what their freshest flowers are and what flowers they recommend to accent your favorite flower.

4. Don't cut corners....ask the florist what their "filler" flowers are...Tell them you absolutely do not want a single sprig of Baby's Breath or a single Carnation bud. Those two flowers alone have the same affect as seeing a "Prado" label on knock-off Prada bag, and will immediately cheapen the arrangement.
5. Quality over Quantity....A smaller arrangement filled with the freshest and finest is without a doubt more meaningful than one of the large arrangements filled with two dozen red roses and baby's breath. (sorry 1-800-Flowers)

Here are some lovely flower arrangements that are sure to add a pop of color to any room, or put you in your lover's good graces on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Celosia flower (looks like a brain)

Anemone (its dark center adds drama to the arrangment)

Pink peonies, garden roses, and hydrangea (clean, fresh, and flawless)

A variety of Peonies (simple, yet bold in color and statement)

The "Graphic Vision" arrangement from Ovando 
Seasonal flowers with Lotus Heads, and Fiddlehead Ferns

The "Orchids on Ice" arrangement from Ovando
Pink Orchids

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