Sunday, March 25, 2012

Make your cake and eat it too

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated another year of my vibrant and chaotic life. In honor of my birthday and my love of all things crafty, I decided to give cake decorating a try. I had heard about this place in NYC called Make Meaning where you can do the traditional arts and crafts activities, like making jewelry and painting pottery, as well as making soaps, candles, and even fondant adorned cakes!

I did some inspiration research on Pinterest (of course) and went into the studio with a slew of ideas.

Once they sat the cake in front of me and I browsed the fondant color options, cookie cutter shapes, and various other cake toppers.

 I decided on a simple hexagon theme.

I am extremely thankful for my best friends, who scored the best table at The Lion and treated me to a fabulous dinner amongst some very beautiful people. After dinner we ventured down the street to the private dining area at Bell Book and Candle, which is covered in some very cool hot pink pin up girl wallpaper. There we popped open some champagne and dove right into my DIY birthday cake!

If 2012 is filled with evenings as memorable as this one was, I am in for an unbelieveable year!

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  1. belated happy birthday, maggie! so sad i missed you in LA. :-(