Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bubble Bath

My day started off with a drive out to the Hamptons through the largest brush fire on Long Island since 1998 for a site visit to review paint colors with my client, contractor, and painter. When I returned home late in the evening, my eyes burned from the dusty construction site, my mouth was dry and parched, and my skin felt as if I had been riding bareback on a horse through a desolate desert. Needless to say, wine dominated the food pyramid for my dinner and my lust for a bubbly bath to relax in after an exhausting day inspired me to cultivate images of some of my favorite bathtubs.

So go grab your Rubber Ducky and imagine yourself relaxing in one of these lovely bathtubs...

nature loving bathtub

 bold bathtub

bright and fresh bathtub

botanical bathtub

eclectic bathtub 

 handsome bathtub

warm bathtub

 Southern bathtub

zen bathtub

sophisticated bathtub

 en suite bathtub

tropical bathtub

 graphic bathtub

 naked bathtub

budget bathtub

 greenhouse bathtub

studio bathtub

 combo bathtub

 artistic bathtub

images available via Pinterest

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  1. Hi Maggie, Sounds like you had a bit more chaos in your day. Thanks for the bathtub schemes. You know I have these dark green accent tiles in an otherwise simple white subway tiled bathroom. I was thinking that Dorothy Draper-esgue, Palm Beach fern wallpaper or a more toned down , fit in the South, version would work somehow. Do you have tips on wall papers to update disappointing tile schemes in bathrooms?