Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finn's Local Guide to Shopping in San Francisco

All right, so you never really hear that San Francisco has good style. Why? I mean... I don’t know, maybe its that people like this give us a bad rap…

 Sigh… Haight Ashbury

Though we have a number of homeless people that roam the streets, I swear there are people that have style…I SWEAR! It is definitely not NYC, but hey(!), it ain’t Arkansas either (no offense). 

Here is my list of favorite boutiques in San Francisco. For all types and budgets. From high fashion to thrift stores.

We are gonna start at the tippy top…

Carrots $$$ (chic as chit but pricey as chit too)

These SMU gals started this store about 5 years ago.  I fell in love with the interiors the first time I walked in. Lines they carry: Alexandwer wang, Rick Owens, Victor &Rolf and Acne, just to name a few. It is located in Jackson Square surrounded by fabulous art galleries and antique shops and fabulous little cafes.  Make a day of it.

Metier $$$ (Whoever the buyer is…is GENIUS)

CHIC CHIC CHIC.  One of my favorite stores in SF. The buyer is genius and has a phenomenal eye. She is a thoughtful buyer, which is why I think her store is so successful. There is never a time when I go in there that I don’t want anything. It is pricey, but these are investment pieces and just great staples.

Conifer $$ (Casual Chic)

I discovered this boutique about a year before I moved to New York, and I became very obsessed. It has a bohemian vibe, which I love, and feels very San Francisco to me. It is a small shop, but the line choices are impeccable.  I even online shop there still. Another very cool aspect is that it is also a gallery space, and they sell very interesting and local art. Go check it out!

Heidi Say’s $$ (Great stuff for any event)

This shop has been around for a very long time, and every time I go into it, I love everything. They have great basics, cocktail dresses and jewelry. Its on Fillmore St, which is a great shopping district of San Francisco, a place for you and your girlfriends to do some damage and treat yourself to a delicious boozy lunch as well.

Marine Layer $$ (The softest clothing you will ever buy)

So, maybe I am biased here as I used to work for this great company, but seriously, their stuff is soft! Mike and Adam started this company out of their apt and have now become one of the biggest t-shirt brands in SF. They have two stores on Chestnut St and one on Hayes (both areas are worth exploring). This place is great for flannels, t-shirts and hoodies for both men and women. The people that work here are always fun and typically become one of your best friends…so stop in even if its for a fun conversation.

Proof Lab $$ (Bomb Surf Shop)

OK, so, you can call me a professional beginner surfer (haha), but this surf shop is honestly the best in the world. It is in Mill valley, but when you are on your way to Stinson beach or Bolinas (to be talked about in another post), you MUST stop here. It is two shops, one with Patagonia clothing and the other with legit “radicool” (my made up word) in the other. Plus, they have a pretty sweet skateboard ramp in the back for all you skaters . Hot guys work there too…just sayin. Go check it out.  You might even want to become a surfer after visiting.

San Franpsycho $ (Rad SF Brand-started by studly surfers)

Andy Olive and Christian Routzen started San Franpsycho a couple years ago, but it actually stemmed from a surf video that Routzen created of the Kelly’s Cove (Ocean Beach) local boys back in 2006 (I think). Anyway, these adorable guys decided to make it into a t-shirt brand that has a serious following. They now have a retail store on Divisadero St. Go hang with Andy and Christian…they are so much fun!

Cris $$ (The best consignment shop in SF)
This is where the women of Pacific Heights sell the dresses they only wore ONCE. Cris is a chic French woman, who only takes the best of the best to consign. Don’t waste your time…go here.

Held Over $ (Thrift store)

Great for Halloween, vintage and fun to just try on cool outfits from when your parents were young. Right in the middle of the Haight Ashbury, it’s a great place to walk around and see where the 60’s happened. There are a number of great vintage stores in the hood, so here is a great site about them.

Piedmonts $$ (Look for the legs)

Ok, hands down, the ULTIMATE costume store. All hand made, all awesome. I mean drag queens go here, so… duh, you should too! It has been in SF since as long as I can remember, and it’s the best spot to costume shop. It is pricey, but hey, you will have this stuff in your costume trunk for a lifetime. Look for the legs in the sky, and go check it out… it’s fun just looking.

Next Chapter... NIGHTLIFE (My Specialty ;) ) .

I am off to Jackson Hole for the weekend, be back next week. Happy MLK day to all!


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