Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 2 of Kelly Wearstler Shop-in-Shop

Kelly Wearstler is known around the world for her bold use of color, so one might wonder why her new logo for her debut ready to wear collection is black and white. Well it's simple, Kelly just could not choose one color to represent her and her line, so she choose the two opposite ends of the color spectrum, black and white.

But fans and customers do not fret, her ready to wear collection is full of color and will be for each season going forward. In fact she encourages her customers to not only mix the patterns in her collection, but the colors as well. The looks she put together on show her desire to see the pieces mixed and matched in unexpected and avant-garde ways.

I tend to be fearless when using colors in interior design projects and love to mix and match multiple colors in a room to create an intriguing color story, yet when it comes to my outfits I tend to play it safe and stick to one bold color at a time. I decided to follow her direction of mixing colors and patterns in her collection and try something new...

Voila! My combo is an aqua and black airbrushed pant and a fuchsia and ivory striped blouse. I was timid at first in my new outfit, but now I've been walking around Bergdorfs and in front of The Plaza, and I've been getting RAVE reviews from strangers! ...huh, maybe I need to re-think my wardrobe? The borrowed Yves Saint Laurent gray suede heels are a great addition as well, but I do have to return them to my fashion fairy godmother at the end of the day.

The pants actually remind me of a pair if aqua spandex python print hot pants my parents brought me back from Paris when I was 15. I think I wore them every weekend because they were unlike anything I had ever seen in Nashville, TN...and well, it was from Paris, so it had to be cool ;)

Check out my jewels and clutch for the day

Or maybe I need the punctuated clutch instead?

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