Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Parental discretion is advised....

Surprisingly starting a blog is a very emotional process. The first day I was proud and excited because I can finally check it off my “To Do List” and I only shared it with two people. Then I became anxious about actually sharing it with my family and close friends, let alone the entire world.

Today I finally faced my fear, and went public with my blog via email, Facebook, Twitter, you name it….Ever since “going live”, I have had felt like I am stuck in that horrible dream when you go to give a speech on stage and you look down and you are completely naked. What is even more bizarre is that I have NEVER actually had that dream or feeling before because let’s face it, I’m the youngest of 5 siblings, and I have always LOVED being on stage and the center of attention.

As the “stage fright dream” set in today, it reminded me of the photographer Spencer Tunick, whom I learned about from one of my mentors and avid art collectors. Tunick is known for conducting large scaled installations of volunteers who are completely naked and pose together at public places. Basically a naked flash mob with no dancing involved.

Today’s stage fright dream may have started out with me being the one with my knickers down, but I’ve decided to take the sage old advice of picturing the audience sans vêtement
straight out of the various installations of Spencer Tunick…

This one looks a little painful...

Sure to stop traffic...

(BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art) 2005

(BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art) 2005

You might be able to convince me to be apart of this installation....

There is not enough money in the world that would make me do this one. I am such a germaphobe!
(Grand Central) 2003

If you are feeling inspired, the next installation is at the Dead Sea in Israel.  Check out an image of the Dead Sea from space, two posts down....and then find out more about the installation here.

"vibrance and chaos blog by maggie waltemath"  "vibrance and chaos blog by maggie waltemath"
  "vibrance and chaos blog by maggie waltemath"
  "vibrance and chaos blog by maggie waltemath"
 "vibrance and chaos blog by maggie waltemath"

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