Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Breathe

An important person in my life made a small request that I give this blog more attention, so I am going to make an honest effort to shower this blog with more of my time and energy....

Ironically this request fell on a very tough day for me, but life is not all about beautiful things and fairytales. No, with every good day there are several bad days to go with it.

Sometimes life can hit you right in the stomach and knock the wind out of you. My best friend Margaret gave me some simple but very wise advice that is my mantra for the day...."just breath"

So I turning to the climax of a few movies for inspiration, I discovered there are many different kinds of breaths. 

"The Anxious Breath"...
Cinderella Story

"The Passionate Breath"
The Notebook

"The Thrilling Breath"
 The Seven Year Itch

"The Forgiving Breath"

Whatever type of breath you take today, don't forget to exhale...

"The Erotic Exhale"
When Harry Met Sally

My conclusion....maybe movies are NOT the best source for direction when it comes to staying calm and collected. How about we take another shot...

Here are a few different approaches to finding that "ahhhh" moment in your home...

light walls + light floors + light furniture

 soft materials + dark walls + white floors 

 varying heights + white walls + dark floors + neutral accents

 warm colors + mixing textures + unexpected forms

flattering pink undertones + soft textiles + dramatic metal accents

dark textiles + intricate details + monochromatic color scheme

architectural detail + natural color scheme + dark and light contrast

A little zen for you all in this chaotic world!

all images of the homes above are from Elle Decor. 

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  1. I'm a guy and I'm still amazed by what a great romantic movie The Notebook is.