Saturday, October 22, 2011


When I started this blog, I told myself I would not post on the weekends as I need to force myself to create boundaries between my blogging, work, and personal life. Today is the exception because I just have to share my fabulous day with my readers!

My friend Callie is visiting from Atlanta this weekend and during our yummy brunch at Freeman's she told me about a new store opening in Soho. C Wonder is a new company founded by the ex-husband of Tory Burch. The juicy back story perked my interest so we decided to check it out. As we walked from Nolita to Soho we saw women with the bright pink and apple green C Wonder bags and we knew our hunt was probably going to be a successful one.

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Well the store was not hard to find. The bright apple green lacquer doors and the line around the corner were clear indicators that we had finally stumbled upon C Wonder(land).
I'm not a fan of waiting in lines to get into stores, night clubs, planes, or just about anywhere...but the line was well worth the wait!

When we walked in the door we were greeted with lemonade, water, and yummy cookies and brownies.

They then had you fill out a raffle ticket that entered you in a chance to spin the prize wheel for the chance to spin the prize wheel. Lucky contestants were chosen every 25 minutes. Callie and I filled out our raffle tickets and began shopping. I kid you not, we had been shopping for 5 minutes when we hear: "Callie D of Atlanta, Georgia", come on down to the prize wheel. Yipee!

Callie was ecstatic as she has never won anything before. She spun the wheel and won a $150 credit towards jewelry. So they walked us over to the jewelry section so Callie could pick out her prize.

 Callie choose a fun coral colored beaded necklace with gold leave charms.

The store was filled with excited shoppers oowing and ahhing over all the brightly colored totes, handbags, shoes, blazers, button downs, trench coats,jeans, skirts, dresses, water bottles, bicycles, eye glasses, jewelery, bowls, boxes, napkins, vases, trays, picture frames, throw pillows, blankets, and so much more!

How would I describe C Wonder? It is Tory Burch and Kate Spade at a Zara price point! It is Urban Outfitter's preppy sister. My personal style changes on a daily basis depending on my mood. Sometimes I'm feeling a little bohemian, sometimes a little rock star, and on the days I want to tap into my Southern prepster style, C Wonder is a new staple in my fashion vocabulary.

Behold, C Wonder....

If you make a purchase, they let you send a flower arrangement to the person of your choice from C Wonder(land).

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